Hi friends!

I'm a 32 year old gal living in the Bay area with my husband Cliff and our two fur face kids. We each came with one...Ned is mine and The Hinge is his. I've loved blogging since I started in 2008. I'm a glass half full kind of girl. The beach is where I reset, everything seems possible there. I believe in living out loud, authenticity, generosity of spirit, dreaming bigger, inspiration, laughter, love and goodness.

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It goes a long way that we love what we do! I first launched lacylike.com in 2008 as a site to make scrapbooks. I'd been struggling with tracheal stenosis and there's nothing like sickness to bring perspective. Lacylike.com helped me break free from the world of cubicles. I'd always been a creative but before getting sick a creative career didn't seem like the practical thing to do. I'd forgotten that dreams can become reality. In a lot of ways I feel like my life began in 2008. Since then my journey has continued and lacylike.com has evolved to become an inspiration/ lifestyle and business blog. 

Holistic Health Coaching//Yoga//Lacylike Herbal

I was the kid growing up that you wanted to trade lunches with! Wonder bread with ham and cheese loaf, a little Debbie snack cake, a Dr.Pepper and if I was being healthy that day… a fruit roll-up! When I hit college and had to feed myself I started to listen to my body and slowly learn what foods felt life giving and what foods made me feel fat and icky. Integrative Nutrition was the missing link for me that brought everything together and made it all make sense.   Now I help other people to listen to their bodies and find balance through nutritional counseling.  

There's nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you that you helped to change their life for the better. Powerful, crazy good! I am passionate about happiness, increasing mine and yours! Please send me an email if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or just need a little support (or a lot) to achieve your goals and live your best life!   

 I found yoga in college while studying psychology at the University of North Texas. It was definitely love at first sweaty class. I started teaching yoga in 2003 and it's been a part of my life ever since.

After 17 years as a paramedic and standing by me through my struggle to breathe my love followed his dream and patented his first invention, the Clifftech Strap. It’s a spinal immobilization device used to strap patients to a back board. We are a small company with big heart. The straps are for sale to EMS agencies nationwide!